Mel Writes LLC is a technology and design driven boutique writing company. The company creates, produces and shares compelling  fashion, music and lifestyle content for: •online blogs &magazines •apps  •mobile games (fun, quirky & educational)  •clothing brand strategy •retail marketing •short films & documentaries. 

Digital and Print Product:  Violet Summer Zine, Read Issue 3 here




 I am a international lifestyle writer and content strategist with over seven years of experience in the digital marketing and editorial space. Originally from North Philadelphia, living and creating in New York City is a thrill.   Since I was a little girl, often writing from my row home's tiny bathroom closet, I knew I was destined to be a writer. Now,  I use the power of the internet to share my unique voice and style to the world. 

Currently, I am working on Violet Summer Issue , available in print and digital. is an industry edit of what's next in high end fashion, beauty, music & culture. 

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  My work often appears in print and online magazines, books, newspapers, zines, and inspires films. I love to write how-to guides for the twentysomething reader, stories  and insights on technology and social media, fashion lifestyle articles, as well as indulge in theories about relationships and third wave feminism. So far, I have published over a hundred articles that can all be found on Google, simply type "Melissa Henderson the writer" and see what comes up!

I'm often creating from my tiny apartment in Harlem. Most known for writing about my life and relationships, I can speak a lot of languages- I'm fluent in kimojis, spanish, html, css and InDesign. I love to travel and meet new people. I know what's trending before it even starts trending.

I'm interested in technology, video games and music, and what's next in app development. I'm also interested in writing about gender, sexuality and love.

My work also extends to the world of marketing and advertising. Since 2011, I have worked on various content strategy campaigns for clients like eBay, LS&Co, WebMD, WURD radio and LOL Kids Armonk. Most recently, I wrote, executed and launched a $3 million marketing automation campaign for a womens-focused lifestyle drug on the Nexxus platform.  I also use to tweet and write CRM strategy documents for Red Lobster, currently managed by Publicis, NA. 

In 2014, I contributed my thoughts on style to the New York Times Best Selling book, Women in Clothes, published by Penguin. In 2015, I penned an article in her Huffington Post column based on her marxist love theory that was made into a short film by Sanford Jenkins. Later that year, I self-published a zine entitled, Violet Summer, about style and maintaining relationships that was released on   In 2016, Violet Summer was featured in the Daily Mail UK for spreading the importance of Revenge Porn. She also contributed her thoughts on style to the international style section. 

Can't wait to show you what I come up with next in 2017, stay tuned! It's about to get really interesting. #AsToldByMelissa #TheStoryYouDidn'tReadThisWeek 

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