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Mel Writes for brands and clients all over the world. Mel Writes for millennials and produces design and technology driven content in the form of apps, blogs, print and digital publications, as well as various b2b content strategy.  Request a writing service or keep scrolling for our roster of clients below. 

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Enjoy Flowers

Enjoy Flowers is a subscription service, bringing you long lasting fresh flowers once or twice a month.  Service provided: SEO Branded Content and Blogs


Shop Mayfly 

Mayfly features curated collections of unique jewelry from emerging designers and brands. Our model is based on the Mayfly, which only lives for a short amount of time. We hand-select new collections from distinctive jewelry designers and brands before they hit the mainstream, and offer each item at the best price anywhere.  Service provided: SEO Branded Content and Blogs


Snap + Style App

A professional styling app that connects users to stylists, where users can then purchase clothing from affiliate e-commerce companies. Mel Writes has produced trend reports for the app's "s+s selects" functionality. Service provided: SEO Branded Content and Blogs

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Sistar Cosmetics USA

A high-end affordable makeup line for sophisticated women. Service provided: Social Media Content for Facebook and Instagram.

Anna Maria Poniros

At birth, an astrologer predicted based on her natal chart that Anna was destined to become a World Healer…..and her soul has always felt a deep calling to HEAL and SERVE.  Through her work, she strives to assist people in creating a more whole and healthy self-in body, heart, mind, and spirit.  Service provided: Media Relations and Blogging


A Los Angeles - based trendy clothing store located in the South Bay Galleria Mall in Rotunda Beach, California. Service provided: Media Relations