Etiquette of... Texting Nude Pics

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. 

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The Daily Mail: 'It was horrifying': Woman tells of her fury and fear after discovering her boyfriend had posted a nearly-naked, pornographic video of an ex online in an act of cruel 'revenge'

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Balenciaga En Noir

On a cloudy very Parisian morning, I visited the Bourdelle Museum in Paris, France to see the newly opened exhibit, Balenciaga L’ Oeuvre au Noir. As I walked into the small naturally lit museum filled with all of Antoine Bourdelle’s sculptures, I wondered what type of dresses I would see after becoming interested in the Balenciaga’s overall vision during the appointment of New York designer Alexander Wang as Creative Director. I needed to pinch myself when I arrived. I was in Paris, I was going to be served fashion on a silver platter. The exhibit was established and sponsored by Palais Galliera, the official fashion museum and historic center.

From Harlem to Paris

 Like Harlem, I found the memorial in front of Louvre intriguing yet sad at the same time. A place that is supposed to be beautiful, wrought with despair. But everything that’s beautiful is not always good for you. From Harlem to Paris, is a series of articles written about my first time in Paris and my experiences and awakenings thereafter. 

Read the entire Series on Huffington Post, here.

Read the entire Series on Huffington Post, here.

Exclusive Photos of the Marley Natural Launch Party

Zuri Marley hosted her family's launch party of Marley Natural, a high-end line of smoking accessories. Dozens of smoking enthusiasts gathered at The Standard Highline's gift shop to celebrate and test the launch of Marley Natural. Guests were treated to rolling tobacco demos by Marley Natural reps, as Zuri and her crew entertained the small crowd with smiles. But of course, It's not a party until someone blazes against the host's will, and how can you not given the fancy tools?! Check out some photos of the event with a cameo from Issue 2 of Violet Summer Zine...



35MM Disposable Camera Project: Kilo Kish x Violet Summer Zine

In this special Behind-the-Scenes moment, the Violet Summer Zine collaborators sent Kish a 35MM disposable camera from Duane Reade in hopes of creating something a little exciting when it comes to snail mail, diy, and photographer. Nicole suggested this art direction since our photo shoot budget was like none existent (ask Devin), a tight printing deadline and Kish was touring Russia, which is where my zine she gave me was all about! This feature will definitely be returning in Issue 3 of the zine, wonder who we'll send a 35MM disposable camera to next! Not to mention, it took me forever to develop the film (again, Ask Devin) and come to find out there's a Walgreens that develops film in one hour right in Times Square! 

35MM's later....

(c) 2016 Violet Summer Zine

(c) 2016 Violet Summer Zine