Violet Summer Zine Issue 2: The Fashion Comic

Melissa Henderson and Deanna First Illustrations collaborated on the highly suggestive fashion essay "Dressing Up And Normcore." 

It was the job interview I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. I hit up my PR girl for

the perfect outfit. I did my hair the night before, I ironed my dress days ahead, I made sure I

spent an extra fifteen minutes on my makeup on interview day, and that my stockings didn’t

have any holes in them. To say the least, I was excited about this interview and put hours of

thought on my final outfit and interview prep for such a monumental occasion. I printed out

several resumes, brought a copy of my book and made sure I was on time. Besides, it was with

one of the top publishers and I was “dressing for the job I wanted.” But when I arrived, and

greeted my interviewer, she was in jeans, a washed out top, and sneakers! I was confused. Was I

interviewing for her job?