Jane Lu

The lazy CEO of Showpo Jane Lu talks about being broke, in debt, and faking it till she made it. 

Jane LU.jpg

How long did it take you to conceptualize Showpo?

After my first business failed, I was introduced to another girl that also wanted to start an online store. We hit it off straight away! We had only met a few times at this stage, but one night, over too many glasses of red wine, we came up with the name and concept behind Show Pony (which is what it was called back then). And that was in September 2010.

Describe the ideal Showpo girl style? Who wears Showpo?

Showpo really does have styles to suit so many women. Our goal is ‘to be her go-to place to shop.’ There are the party dresses for fun, younger girls; trendy pieces for our stylish customers who love to mix high-end.

What’s it like being a young CEO?

I love being the master of my own destiny, it’s a bit surreal (and a bit of pressure) now that the team is so big, but mainly it’s a lot of fun. And I love showing other women that it can be done, because I too have doubts. I just have to prove those doubts wrong!

What’s your “boss” mission statement?

Work hard, play hard :p

What do you like to wear to work?

Anything goes at Showpo HQ. My styles depend on my mood, some days I might wear skinny jeans and a vintage print tee, others days I might be feeling a playsuit and thigh-high boots. I’ve been known to rock some pretty outrageous looks at work, but the way I see it is that fashion is fun so I should play around with it!

What’re your favorite products on the site right now?

The graphic/vintage tee range. They’re so cool and comfy - I’m so proud to work with such a talented team. https://www.showpo.com/collection/graphics.html

How do you maintain your work - life balance?

The 80/20 rule. During the week I knuckle down and do crazy hours, getting minimal sleep and working at all hours (I come up with my best ideas at weird times, much to my team’s annoyance!). On the weekends I party, sleep, and catch-up on all my fave reality TV shows. If I didn’t have downtime, I’d go crazy.

Any last minute social media tips you can give my readers?

Post consistently (i.e. not once every few weeks), post at key times, post good quality content and think about your caption game!