Getting Exactly What You Want

Yeah, right! This title is so misleading yet, it's on everyone's agenda. How to get what you want starts with how to ask for exactly what you want, when you truly want it.

It's almost the end of the year. Thank God! And it's a time to look back at those goals set in January and review what exactly went down. Yikes. It's not going to be easy to look back at all the good and bad decisions. But, good thing there's social media to cover up the dirt and delete the incidents that didn't work to anyone's favor. 


I've been dealing with my own "pathway to success" drama and I've been curious enough to ask people who seem as though they have no cares, how they get what they want. Each response is always a humble denial or humble brag. "I don't always get what I want," a friend humbly said to me during lunch one afternoon. But I knew it wasn't true from this outsider looking in to their world. It's always a different story at face value and I wondered if this was true for everyone. Does everyone have the same questions about getting their way? After all, we live in a world where we can appear to be like Nancy Drew with the right branding portfolio and connections. Still, I knew it wasn't brain science. 

Throughout the year, I pondered, just how to go about getting my way. God even put it on my heart and made it weigh so heavy. All those nights falling asleep internet window shopping, double checking posts before I hit submit, typing up the perfect emails and setting reminders on my phone before bed, all lead me to embrace this obsessive, workaholic personality striving for perfection, in efforts to get exactly what I wanted out of my life at any moment that felt right. I started to loose the gift of relaxing at home, in my tiny apartment. I started to evaluate all of my actions as a stepping stone to something else. Even my personal relationships were being effected. And I still wasn't getting what I wanted when I wanted it the most. 

 Then, one day reassurance finally settled upon my conscience and I totally listened. For every want, ask yourself why. Bingo! I thought. Peace happened when my own motto came to me at the most random time ever,  and I don't even remember thinking about this because it was so sub-conscience. Things started to move in a more cohesive direction, I didn't have such super high expectations for situations that were never going to get on my level.  Out of all my wants, I needed to ask myself why.  Why do I want that lipstick? Why do I need to join that meeting? Do I really need to have lunch with them? Would my absence offend anyone?   A very simple step that was somehow missing.

So here are the takeaways of how to get what you want when you want it, and please let me know if you get what you want...

The challenge is making what you truly want, a reality. Filtering out all the noise, will clear the pathway to success. Everyone's standards are different, just remember to always stay true to yourself.