Trondheim, Norway

I visited the land of Vikings and blond princesses in 2013 and found out the Scandinavians are super obsessed with chic interior designs for their extravagant heated floor homes, living care-free, and vacationing on the slopes of glaciers. You can expect luxury on a higher level when the Norwegian currency goes up to 500 and 1000 kroner bills! It took me 3 flights to get to Trondheim on Icelandic Air, where I left my eyeglasses on  an airplane seat, which were located weeks later in the lost of found via email and returned to me in perfect condition. I met Hilde, the chicest woman in town who owns a boutique called Carma in the old city part of town. I will never forget how she wore a fur shawl in June and changed twice at the wedding we met at (because she spilled something on her orange dress). Not to mention her own wedding (which occurred a year after we met ) was actually a surprise ceremony disguised as a fashion show- Hilde being the main model wearing a custom made couture gown. I know, it was so over the top and so unique because Fashion. Anyway, the souvenir I purchased from this trip was a pair of green-tinted glass tea cups with matching saucers that I picked out from an antique shoppe on my way out of town.  Below are some photos of my adventure in troll land. *Make sure you click each image to view all the photos.